I Owe it All to Brazzers

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The other night before bed my wife wanted me to get off because it was the last night that I was allowed to before I provide specimen for our new baby-to-be. I wasn’t really in the mood, and neither was she (which is typical after a long day with our kids hanging around).

She grabbed out the iPad which typically means that she wants to watch a little adult TV (if you know what I mean). I don’t really care. As long as I know she’s into, I like it.

As she’s laying face down across our bed surfing for a good scene, I grab out a butt plug. I typically choose which hole I’ll use it on. But tonight I grabbed the lube and slowly started putting in her pussy. However, this isn’t any regular butt plug. This is a glass one. One where you can see everything that’s being penetrated.

As I looked up to see what  she was watching, I noticed it was a Brazzers threesome. Two girls and a guy. Which is right up her alley.

I continued to penetrate her with the plug. When I knew she was really getting into it, she propped up her ass in the air for me to get a better view of her back-side. Whoa… what a wonderful delight.

After a few more moments she whispers… ‘now it’s your turn’. I promptly mounted her. After a few more moments she wanted the plug again. However, I told her that I wanted to share her with the plug. So I grabbed a bit more lube and stuck the plug in. Then with a little care I managed to get myself in as well. As she loosened up I was able to go faster and faster while she was sharing her pussy with me and the plug.

I had to finally pull out; otherwise, I was going to cum and I didn’t want to end so quickly. For the next few minutes I just watched her play with herself with her ass propped up and thrusting the plug in and out.

When I finally felt like I had recovered, I slowly started sharing her pussy again. This time she asked me to stick my finger in her ass. Triple Stuff!! Now this was tight.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t last much longer, and neither could she. We both came and it was an awesome session together. After we were done I asked her when she got a membership to Brazzers, and she grabbed the iPad to show me this Brazzers discount site. She went on to tell me that she was just browsing the internet and really didn’t consider getting one until she saw she could get a one month membership for $9.95. So she decided, ‘what the heck’. All I can say is, ‘I owe it all to Brazzers’.

JP Slender

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Hi, my name is JP, but my friends call me Slender. I guess it’s because I weigh 200 lbs. at 6 feet 3 inches.